Judge Show Hunter with me - Trudi Duncan, Senior National SH Judge

Judge Show Hunter with me - Trudi Duncan, Senior National SH Judge

Hey Show Hunter lovers!


You seemed to love our "5 Tips to Ace your next Show Hunter round" blog post. If you haven't seen that, check it out here 

So this time, I thought it might be helpful for you all if I talked you through some video of a Show Hunter round. 

A few things to note which might impact what the judge (or you!) see when you are watching a round on the day of competition:

👉 Context matters! What I mean is that many things affect how a round may be judged such as; level of class, ground conditions, weather conditions, light conditions, level of show (i.e HOY!). 

👉 Location of judge. You might see something completely different (or not see!) when standing at the end of the arena or on an angle, in comparison to where the judge is located halfway along the long side of the arena.

👉 Human nature. Judges are just like you! As you listen to me chat through this round, you can hear that I am thinking what to write, what to draw on my score card, other comments that I might like to note down for the horse, and it can be a lot. There is not always time to note everything, without missing the important bits of the round. And, in this case, since I got to watch the recording a few times, there were other things I would have liked to note that I didn't get a chance to. 



  • This horse no longer competes (this video is over 10 years old!)
  • This rider is not currently competing (it's me 🙋‍♀️)
  • We aren't watching from the position of the judge in these videos
  • This video is intended in good spirit to help you understand what a judge might be thinking in order to help you and/or your rider/child when they enter the ring next time 


Anyway, have a listen (sound up⬆️). 


Let me know what you think... did you find this helpful?


Would you like to see more?