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Equestrian products for everyday and competition, designed and manufactured locally by riders, for riders.

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Why Sport Horse.

We're here for the movers, the shakers, and the Olympic dream makers. The dressage divas and divos. The happy hackers. Hell, we're even here for the hobby horse riders. We see you if you're a gater, a whipper-in or the King or Queen of the Hunter ring.

We've got you if you live for the speed of a jumpoff, and if the only "bling" you own was painstakingly hand-picked to match your best friends coat colour. Our horse products are perfect for the "I'm not fat, I'm curvy" first ridden ponies, the hairy hunters, and the styly showies. We know, we have been there too and our horse jumps, stable equipment, and equine accessories have been carefully considered to be the one stop shop for your needs.

We've also supported the Equestrian Sports industry via competition sponsorship for 10 years. As we move forward into this new range of horse jumps and stable, paddock and horse travel products, we will ensure that up to 10% of our profits goes back into our community by supporting local and national groups and competitions. You can happily buy Sport Horse, knowing that somewhere, you're helping someone's big dream come true.