The Pro's of Wood Pellet Horse Bedding! 8 reasons you will change your bedding product after reading this Blog!

The Pro's of Wood Pellet Horse Bedding! 8 reasons you will change your

In our other blog posts, we learnt about what Wooden Pellet Bedding is. Now its time to really understand why we think HERDD Bedding is a superior product for horse stables and yards. 


HERDD bedding is significantly more absorbent than most other types of horse bedding such as sawdust which is not very absorbent and becomes ammoniated quickly due to urine pooling underneath and within it. And once sawdust gets wet, it stays wet.


From a veterinary perspective, one of the major pluses of our wood pellets is that they’re heated to a high temperature during manufacture, meaning any bugs are killed off explains Stuart Fitzgerald, an American wood pellet manufacturer.

“You can be sure they’re not harbouring any nasties. The beds don’t move about, and the moisture content is consistent, which is better for horses’ feet. Also, the air quality is also typically better with a wood pellet bed than other types of horse bedding as a result of very low dust content, which is beneficial from a respiratory point of view.”


You can see the wet patches in a wood pellet bed easily — no need to lift and turn the whole stable — and can remove them quickly, which reduces mucking-out time.

Topping up is a piece of cake too. You should only need 1 bag per fortnight.

Less Waste

When using sawdust, it's difficult to gauge how much you need to put in any given stable. With Pelletised Bedding you always know how many bags to use every time, so there is no waste and because it is so cushioned, you will use less than sawdust and the bedding will last longer.

Another positive is that far less raw material is using during the manufacture of Pellet Bedding, in comparison to shavings, and far less waste enters the manure pile at the end, resulting in a significant net waste saving.

Easy Storage

Sawdust and shavings, unless you keep it undercover, gets exposed to the elements, gets blown around in the wind, gets wet and mouldy in the rain and can be very heavy to cart around. Wood Bedding Pellets swell to 4x their dry state meaning they take up way less space and are far easier to move than piles of open sawdust or big bags of shavings.

Product Quality

The sawdust or shavings you have delivered vary from load to load, you never really know what quality you will get. Some loads contain large shards of wood that can be dangerous for your horse. HERDD Bedding Pellets will always arrive consistently in the same condition, ready to quickly fill your stable.